02 Mai 2012

I recently found a tweet by Kristian Rosenvold on Twitter talking about performance improvements on multi module Maven 2/3 projects. Our build process takes quiet an amount of time and therefore performance improvements always are very welcome on my company’s software project.

The tweet leads to a Gist on GitHub that informs new version of the Plexus compiler that is used by the Maven-Compiler-Plugin. Nice! So I applied the explicit dependency in my <root> pom.xml in the <pluginManagement> section (see the listing below).


Then I asked Jenkins to run the build several times and I was really surprised by the result. On my multi module project a full build consumes about 12-15 minutes. After applying that new Plexus version I managed to decrease the build time down to about 7-8 minutes. So the result is in my case about 30% - 45% performance improvement!

Tags: maven, java