29 Februar 2016

Flyway is an excellent tool to place database migrations into your Java application. It’s easy to understand and to integrate in your application. Since your database is a part of your application Fly enables you to manage migration along with your source code.

Recently I upgraded a Grails 2.5.x application to its successor Grails 3.1.1. And I had to upgrade the Grails Flyway Plugin in order to run with Grails 3.1.1. This blog post will introduce the plugin to you as a Grails developer.

First of all you need to declare a runtime dependency in your build.gradle. In the following example uses lastest.integration that causes Gradle to always use the latest version of the plugin.

compile 'org.grails.plugins:grails-flyway:latest.integration'

Next you need to configure the plugin in either your application.yml or application.groovy. This example uses YAML.

  enabled: false
  locations: migration/db/mysql
  baselineOnMigrate: true

The Grails Flyway plugin for Grails 3.x is available at the official plugin repository at Bintray.

Tags: grails, flyway, database, migration